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YouthInBC.com is first and foremost an on-line crisis chat service, where you can chat 1-on-1 with a trained volunteer from the Crisis Centre, where our service is based.

We also have this site, with information so you can learn more on a variety of youth-related issues, as well as resources: a list of organizations and websites where you can get help. It’s for youth who need a safe, respectful place to access support and information, or just someone to listen without judgment. By “youth”, we mean 25 and under, but we’ve never turned anybody away based on their age.

It’s also for parents and/or professionals who are looking for topic-specific information and resources for various youth-related issues. Online chat is available from Noon to 1 AM in BC and Yukon Only


A place of connection and transformation, Youth Unlimited helps young people discover their potential. If they feel alone, marginalized, vulnerable or just need somewhere fun but safe to connect to we’re here to walk with them, help them learn life skills, support their growth as a person, and discover their potential. We do this through activities, arts, sports, camps, drop-in centres, youth groups and a myriad of other programs accessible throughout Greater Vancouver.Our Ethos  We’re a Christian organization but we’re not preachy, so we’re able to make genuine connections with young people and support them with the help they need – be it physical, mental, social, emotional or spiritual. We’re about genuine relationships. We don’t judge or tell. Instead, we listen and have the conversations youth want and need to have.


Youth for A Change was founded in March 2012 by Sylvie Traphan and JenMarchbank

 alongwith ten very keen youth. We are educators, activists and advocates on many youth issues but especially issues facing lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, two-spirit, and queer youth and allies. Members range in age from 13-21, many identify as LGBTQ+, others as allies, ALL participate in planning and decision-making about the group’s activities.  We offer workshops to schools, learning centres and other youth groups on topics such as: Homophobia and Transphobia (called What’s in it for the Homophobe?); Gender Identities; Youth Homelessness and Healthy Teen Relationships.Youth for A Change is located in Surrey, BC.


FREE2BU is a positive and friendly place, open to all identities and sexual orientations, including allies and questioning youth group that meets every Wednesday at the Surrey Youth Hubs. For more information contact 604.587.8100.